Metal Casting in the Foundry (Off-site)

  • Thursday, September 22, 2022
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Alchemy Industrial Arts 9392 Wardwell Ave NE, Bainbridge (6-9pm), Class Code: MA092222JO
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  • $87 tuition + $25 materials fee
  • $67 tuition + $25 materials fee

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BARN’s Metal Casting class is where you learn and advance your metal art skills by casting bronze or aluminum into a mold you’ll make. Molten metal will be poured into the mold you’ve formed in green sand (an environmentally safe mixture of fine sand, clay, and water) from a pattern of your own making or one selected from our pattern library. After your casting cools, you’ll free it from the mold and experience the thrill as your artistic creation emerges.

Metal Casting is the second of three basic steps of the Foundry Art:

  1. Make the Pattern,
  2. Form the Mold and pour metal to create the Casting, and
  3. Finish the Casting.

There’s no need to be concerned about attending this class before you’ve made a pattern. Attend the class for the first time, and when casting excites your creative energies, take the Pattern-Making class, then attend the Metal Casting class again, as often as you like. Our instructors will guide each student to help them advance their skill, no matter their skill level.

BARN offers related casting classes including “The Basics of Metal Casting” (an online event), “Pattern-Making for Casting in the Foundry” where you learn how to make patterns used to produce a working mold, and “Finishing a Casting”, where you cut, grind, and finish your rough casting into a finished piece. An ongoing Advanced Casting (in an Open Studio format) event will also be offered to those with demonstrated competency in the foundry. Stay tuned and sign up for the Metal Fabrication newsletter to receive information when these events are offered.

Location:  This is an off-site class.        
Alchemy Industrial Arts
9392 Wardwell Ave NE
Bainbridge Island WA 


  • Participants must wear natural fiber clothing, long pants, long sleeves, closed-toe shoes (natural fiber or leather). No stretch fabrics, no hoodie ties, or dangling jewelry, bracelets that can get caught in machinery. Please tie long hair back. 
  • Please click here for BARN's current COVID-19 health & safety protocols. 
  • BARN is committed to accessibility. Tuition Assistance is available - click here to fill out the simple application before registering for a class. For those who might need physical assistance, please learn about BARN's Companion Program here.

Instructor Bios:

Jeff Oens is a widely renowned sculptor with his bronze artwork exhibited in prominent art collections and public displays across the United States and Canada. Jeff is best known for his outstanding wildlife sculptures, but his portfolio also includes human figures, mythical creatures, and other diverse subjects, ranging in size from miniature to monumental. Many of Jeff’s sculptures can be seen around the industrial park on Three Tree Lane.

Frank Wurden - While getting his BS Electrical Engineering degree at University of Washington, Frank also obtained a BFA degree with emphasis in life drawing, sculpting and foundry art working with green sand, CO2 sand casting, investment casting, and ceramic shell casting. Sculpture materials were clay, foam, wood, or wax for the patterns, and casting in aluminum, bronze and stainless steel. Frank says it’s been many years since actually casting, so it’s great fun to get back into it! “I totally enjoy the entire process and look forward to helping other people do the same.”

Mario Oblak - Mario honed his passion for casting metal with BFA (UofW) and MFA (Rhode Island School of Design) degrees in Sculpture. Creating, designing and building in different materials and mediums is a joy, but working in liquid metal is “it” for him. Mario feels “Casting is a magical process that requires patience, skill, labor and teamwork, with the results both satisfying and permanent.” By sharing his knowledge and experience, Mario wants to help others explore, learn, and develop skills so they can see their ideas come to life.

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