Woodshop Tool Safety Checkout 1

  • Monday, March 09, 2020
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • BARN Woodshop, Class Code: WO030920JH
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  • $20 + $3 materials fee
  • $10 + $3 materials fee

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Learn basic safety principles of key woodworking power tools with the goal of being checked out to use them during the BARN Woodshop's 30 hours a week of Open Studio time. This is a hands-on course and students will be given a piece of wood to cut and shape according to specific measurements.   (This is a companion to the Woodshop Tool Safety Checkout 2 class.  The Woodshop Tool Safety 2 class may be taken before or after taking this Woodshop Tool Safety 1 class.  Please see the calendar for more details.) 

To use the shop, you will also need to attend our free one-hour Orientation to the Woodshop class.

Woodshop Tool Safety 1 will qualify you to use the following tools during Open Studio time and in classes that require certification in these tools: 

  • Table saw
  • Planers
  • Jointers
  • Chop saw
  • Drill presses


  • There will be a $3 materials fee to cover wood.
  • You will get more out of this class if you first view videos that cover these tools. (Hint: You can go back to these at any time to review safety protocols. Find them on the BARN website, BainbridgeBARN.org, by clicking on the Woodshop page, under the "Studio" menu.)
Instructor: Jeanne Huber
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