Jonathan Evison's Book Launch

  • Monday, April 02, 2018
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Great Room, BARN, Class Code=WR0418JE


Registration is closed

Jonathan Evison's new novel of white privilege, class conflict, and belated coming of age is receiving rave advance reviews. And so he wanted to give Bainbridge Island -- Evison's hometown and the primary setting of Lawn Boy -- an advance chance to get their hands on it. 

By special arrangement with publisher Algonquin Books, Eagle Harbor Book Co. will be able to put it in your hands as of Monday, April 2-- a day ahead of its release -- at a launch party at Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network. It's an event co-sponsored by BARN, EHBC, and Jonathan Evison. 

The party will feature pizza, a short talk from Evison, and curated vinyl music from Bainbridge's Gary Bedell, aka DJ Sidecar. Copies of Lawn Boy will be available to purchase and for Evison to sign. 

Lawn Boy is the serio-comic story of Mike Munoz, raised on Bainbridge Island but now living in Suquamish on the other side of Agate Pass Bridge, aka "the servant's entrance" to the increasingly upscale island. Life for Mike has been a whole lot of waiting for something to happen. Not too many years out of high school and still doing menial work--and just fired from his latest gig as a lawn boy on a landscaping crew--he knows that he's got to be the one to shake things up if he's ever going to change his life. But how? 

Publishers Weekly says of Lawn Boy--"Focusing on the workers who will only ever be welcome in gated communities as hired help, Evison’s quiet novel beautifully considers the deterioration of the American Dream." 

EHBC will be selling copies of LAWN BOY at the April 2 party, but the best way to ensure that you'll get your hands on one is by pre-ordering it now! Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on "Add to Cart."

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