A Glass Blowing Experience! with Kuy Hepburn GL0515KH-B

  • Sunday, May 24, 2015
  • 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Kuy Hepburn's Blowing Studio
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In this class you learn the basic fundamentals of glassblowing: gathering glass out of the furnace, reheating it, shaping it, picking up color, etc. This is a "hands on" experience with Island artist Kuy Hepburn. This a great way for the person curious about hot glass to experience the magic of how hot glass moves. You hold the punty, you work the glass!

The session will begin with an introduction to terminology and a demonstration by the artist of what you will learn during the session. Then following his lead, you will each "jump right in" one after the other!  You will make a free form glass sculpture for your home or garden. You will leave your piece with Kuy at the end of class for annealing and return the next day at a designated time to meet with Kuy, your classmates, and to collect your finished pieces. The fees for the class include all of the clear and colored glass, and a copper pipe should you choose to make a piece of garden art.

The class is limited to four people and lasts about four hours. Note: The length of the class is based on the number of students attending: two students, two hours; three students, three hours, etc.

The studio is often quite cold by the door and hot by the furnace, so it's important that students wear multiple layers of clothing.  The fabric should be cotton or wool, not synthetics, which can melt.  Sweatshirts are OK, but fleece is allowable only if it is covered with cotton or wool. No really loose fitting clothing, either. You don't need your shirt getting caught up on the bench!


Kuy Hepburn has been working in hot glass for about 45 years. His older brother Mundy, introduced him to the medium when he was 10.  They worked together on homemade torches for years. When Kuy graduated from high school he enrolled in California College of Arts & Crafts to learn more about glass blowing and earned a  Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1982. After spending the first half of his life learning how to successfully work with hot glass, he realized it was time to share what he had learned with others who are fascinated by it. Living on the Island since 1992, he has been teaching glassblowing here since 2005. Kuy's work can be found at the Bainbridge Island Farmers' Market in the spring and summer, at his studio, and at the Front Street Gallery in Poulsbo year round.

DIRECTIONS TO Kuy Hepburn's studio:

8967 Sands Ave.  Bainbridge Island WA 

Kuy's driveway is the third on the left north of New Brooklyn Rd. Look for the Glass sign on his mailbox post, you can¹t miss it. His house is hidden behind the big laurel hedge. The studio is the green metal building. Go ahead and park next to the red car.

If you are coming from the north end of the island on 305, turn west onto High School Road, take a right onto Sands, and cross New Brooklyn. Kuy’s is the third driveway on the left.

Ph. # 206-780-0700 cell: 206-794-5094

For more information

Contact Diane Bonciolini, Glass studio coordinator


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