Code of Conduct & Hold Harmless Waiver

I acknowledge that I am over the age of 18 and that I have voluntarily applied for membership in BARN or signed up for classes or other programs at BARN.

Code of Conduct

The Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN) is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for all participants. BARN’s Code of Conduct applies to all ages and is the foundation of BARN’s policies for working with youth. The code provides:

• Respectful relationships are a key to BARN’s success, and will exclude any type of harassment, as well as disruptive, threatening, or unreasonable behavior that interferes with anyone’s use of the facility.
• Respectful stewardship of equipment and the building will be key to proper maintenance and care of shared and/or personal property. Our facilities and grounds will be smoke-free and drug-free.
• Operable firearms are not allowed.
• While BARN-hosted events may involve alcohol, everyday activities will not.
• Toxic materials must be safely used and properly disposed.
• Service dogs are welcome; other animal friends are not.
• Environmental stewardship is foundational to our mission.

Anyone not complying with the Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the BARN premises and may be barred from future access to BARN facilities and programs.

Youth and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy

To ensure that BARN is a safe environment for youth and vulnerable adults our policy provides for:

Prohibited Behaviors:
• Use of degrading language or behavior.
• Threatening or intentionally inflicting physical injury upon a minor or vulnerable adult.
• Engaging in any sexual advance toward, sexual activity with and/or harassment of a minor or vulnerable adult.

Private Meetings:
Unless a BARN employee, Teacher, Monitor or Youth Mentor has passed a background check including fingerprint screening, all personal meetings with an unrelated minor or vulnerable adult are to be conducted in view of other adults.

Allegation Reporting Guidelines:
Allegations of abuse or harassment of minors or vulnerable adults are to be reported to the BARN President or Youth Advocate and may be reported to law enforcement or child protection authorities. BARN teachers, members and volunteers shall refrain from conducting their own independent investigations and shall not disclose information indiscriminately.

Investigating Allegations:
BARN will cooperate with all law enforcement, child protective services, and legal investigations. BARN may conduct its own independent investigation if an allegation involves an employee, a Teacher whose services BARN contracted for, a Monitor or Youth Mentor, or a BARN participant and if such investigation does not interfere with other investigations.

Hold Harmless Agreement

I agree to release and hold harmless BARN from any claims for personal injury or property damage resulting from my use of BARN’s facilities and of the equipment in those facilities. I understand that working with tools or equipment and working around others always involves some risk of personal injury, and I assume the risk of such injury, agree that BARN will not be liable for claims for such injury, and agree to hold BARN harmless from any such claims.

I also agree to follow the safety rules of all BARN studios where I work

Commercial Use of BARN

In order to ensure equitable use of BARN resources in a manner consistent with BARN’s mission, no business or commercial enterprise, regardless of the manner in which it is organized (e.g., as a sole proprietorship, corporation, limited liability company, etc.),  may have its employees work on projects for such business/commercial enterprise at BARN. This policy is not intended to prevent sole proprietors and the owners of such businesses/commercial enterprises who are BARN members from personally using BARN’s facilities, in accordance with each studio’s practices and policies, nor does it limit the right of individuals and businesses/enterprises who rent the kitchen, great room, commons, or small classroom to have employees work in the rented facilities.

Youth Waiver and Photo Release Form for parents/guardians to sign for participants younger than 18.

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